Kirill Belskiy
Senior Partner / Head of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice
«Kirill Belskiy is an excellent lawyer with impeccable knowledge of criminal law».
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2016
«The client-oriented team of Koblev & partners lawyers has a very strong base for defending clients in white-collar criminal cases and is also an excellent law firm for resolving complex corporate disputes».
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2016
«One of the strongest defense teams for white-collar crimes in the Russian market».
Chambers Europe, 2016
«Koblev & partners litigation lawyers are a reliable and strong team».
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2017
«Kirill Belskiy is recommended in the "Dispute Resolution" category for a thorough analysis of evidence and frank approach to the case».
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2017
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2020
«Kirill Belskiy is charismatic, attentive and always bringing the project to a successful conclusion».
Among Kirill's clients are found prominent Russian entrepreneurs and companies from the top of the Forbes 500. Kirill also advises and represents major international companies on issues related to doing business in Russia.
Kirill's legal practice spans the globe, including cases in The United States, The UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Israel, Poland, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Georgia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.
Thanks to his deep knowledge and extensive experience, Kirill is often summoned by foreign courts to serve as an expert on Russian criminal and procedural law in dispute resolution cases.
As a recognized leader in the field of criminal law and dispute resolution, Kirill is often the recipient of awards and high praise from colleagues and professional organizations in the industry. The authoritative British publication Chambers describes Kirill as «a great lawyer with impeccable knowledge of the criminal justice system», while the renowned journal Legal500 notes that Kirill demonstrates «a thorough analysis of evidence and a frank approach to the case».
Kirill has represented clients accused of corporate embezzlement, fraud, bribery, abuse of power, and tax evasion in dozens of high-profile cases. He has also frequently worked on behalf of major Russian and international companies that were the victims of crimes, for example, by organizing internal investigations and developing strategies for the recovery of stolen assets. Kirill is highly experienced in resolving large-scale economic disputes, joint-stock and other corporate conflicts, as well as being an expert in bankruptcy law.
Kirill Belskiy is a Senior Partner and the head of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice. His main practice areas are criminal defense and the representation of corporate victims in criminal cases involving economic, official and corruption orientation, along with the resolution of complex large-scale legal disputes, such as corporate and shareholder conflicts.
Basic Facts
Member of the Moscow Bar Association.
Born in 1984 in Moscow.
2008 graduate of the Faculty of Law at the All-Russian State Tax Academy
He also has a degree in Economics with a specialization in "taxation".
He is fluent in English.
Engaged in teaching activities.
Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Lawyers of the Moscow Bar Association.
Vice-President of the Moscow Lawyers Club.
Author of a number of articles in academic publications and mass media on criminal law, law practice, bankruptcy.
Areas of Practice
Criminal Defence, Extradition Procedures
Reputation and Defamation Protection
Dispute Resolution
Managing Legal Projects and Conflicts
Industry Experience
Banking and Finance Activities
IT and System Integration
Construction and Real Estate Development
Energy and Natural Resources
Industry, Logistics, Transport
Media Business
Work Experience
Criminal Defense
– defense of the deputy head of the Russian region against numerous charges of official misconduct, including embezzlement and corruption;

– defense counsel for the deputy head of the federal ministry, who was indicted on multiple charges, ranging from fraud to corruption;

– defense of a high-ranking official accused of abuse of power and of receiving a multimillion-dollar bribe;

– defense of the head of the Russian branch of an international holding company indicted for tax evasion in an amount exceeding $ 20 million;

– defense counsel for an ex-CEO of the largest Russian bank accused of embezzling more than 1 billion US dollars;

– defense of the owner of a large construction company charged with embezzling funds in the amount of 500 million US Dollars;

– defense of several top managers of Russia's largest energy company accused of crimes allegedly committed on foreign soil;

– defense of an entrepreneur accused of embezzling VAT in the amount of about $ 4 million;

– defense counsel for the largest Russian resource extraction company in connection with a criminal case involving an industrial accident that caused several deaths;

– defense of the head of a large Russian company against charges of illegally receiving state subsidies;

– defense of a foreign citizen accused of smuggling drugs into the territory of the Russian Federation;

– defense of an entrepreneur involved in a fatal car accident;

– defense counsel for a large international transport company charged with evasion of customs payments in an amount exceeding 25 million US dollars.
Victim Representation
– representation of shareholder interests in a large energy holding company defrauded out of more than $1.5 billion. Work on the case included, among other things, consulting in foreign jurisdictions (UK, Germany, Cyprus, BVI);

– representation of shareholder interests in a large holding company in a case involving corporate theft and an illegal takeover attempt by top management;

– representation of a major international technology company in a case involving the theft and illegal use of trade secret information;

– representing the FMCG company in a fraud case worth over $ 100 million.
Dispute Resolution and Bankruptcy
– representation of the contractor in a dispute over 9 billion rubles they were owed for the construction of a large industrial facility;

– successful resolution of a dispute between a Russian energy company and a foreign equipment manufacturer over the payment of 2o million rubles allegedly owed for violation of contract;

– representation of a large trading corporation in challenging the decision of the tax authority concerning the assessment of more than 900 million rubles in additional taxes;

– representation of a large Russian corporation in various arbitration courts, including Intellectual Property Court, in a dispute over the rights to audiovisual works;

– representation of the top managers of large Russian corporations in dozens of separate disputes for the recovery of economic losses, bringing to subsidiary liability in bankruptcy cases;

– facilitation of dispute resolution among shareholders in a large Russian holding corporation after an unfriendly business split;

– representation of the governing bodies of a large financial institution in a dispute on the application of the DIA for recovery of losses related to the issuance of deliberately non-repayable loans;

– representation of top management of a large construction holding company ruled bankrupt in a suit over subsidiary liability, in addition to assistance with loss recovery in criminal cases involving intentional bankruptcy, fraud and embezzlement;

– complex representation of parties with high value real estate interests within a corporate dispute, which representation included criminal defense, representation of creditor interests in the bankruptcy case, challenging a large number of suspicious transactions, establishing subsidiary liability for debtor beneficiaries, proving ties between several creditors in order to exclude their claims from the registry and restore the legitimate rights of bona fide creditors;

– representation of the principal creditor in the corporate bankruptcy of a major film studio, as well as in the personal bankruptcy of its beneficiary, which representation included challenging transactions and the recovery of assets appropriated from the bankruptcy estate;

– complex representation of multiple creditors in the personal bankruptcy of the owner of private energy corporation, which included: challenging prior regional court rulings based on fictitious loan agreements initially allowing the debtor to establish control over the bankruptcy; restoration of the rights of a bona fide creditor; challenging transactions involving the alienation of property and recovering the related property, recovery from persons affiliated with the debtor the real value of the debtor's assets alienated in their favor;

– representation of the trustee in a bankruptcy case where creditors sought to exclude the trustee and recover losses from him personally, which representation included overturning decisions made at creditor meetings, challenging transactions, recovering assets, and establishing the criminal and subsidiary liability of client governing bodies;

– representation of the chairman of the board of directors for a major commercial bank in a landmark case involving the recovery of losses caused by the negligence of institutional managers. This case was also noteworthy for the claimed amount-more than 280 billion rubles.
Professional Recognition
Litigation, Criminal Defence (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
Criminal procedure, group 1 (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
Dispute Resolution: Corporate Crime (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
White Collar Crime (2019, 2020, 2021)
Dispute resolution — Litigation (2016, 2017)
Rating of leading lawyers: Corporate disputes top-5 (2017)
The Individual rating of the leading lawyers/criminal law – Top 10 (2019, 2020, 2021)
Individual rating of lawyers/Criminal Law Top-10 (2015-2017, 2020)
Arbitration and Mediation (2020, 2021)
Leading Russian Law Firms: Criminal Law – 1st place (2016)
Best Lawyers
Chambers Europe
The Legal 500 EMEA
The Legal 500 EMEA
Best Lawyers
Individual nominations - Criminal law (2019)
Best Legal Practices: Criminal Law/Official Malfeasance –Top 5 (2019)
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