Criminal Law

Over the past 20 years, our team has successfully handled some of the most complex and high-profile criminal cases in Russia. Today, the professionalism of our criminal law practice is confirmed by the most prestigious Russian and international awards and, most importantly, the feedback of our clients – the majority of whom were referred to us by other satisfied clients.
We specialize in defending accused persons and representing victims in the following categories of cases:
economic crimes, including: fraud, embezzlement, property damage caused by deception or abuse of trust, illegal banking activities, money laundering, illegal receipt or disclosure of confidential, protected, or secret information; crimes involving the financial markets; evasion of customs payments; illegal actions in bankruptcy; deliberate, fictitious bankruptcy; tax crimes; abuse of authority, commercial bribery;
criminal collusion and conspiracy (Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation);
cases related to construction/industrial production/transport activities, including environmental crimes;
crimes in the field of IT;
crimes involving corruption.
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Our Attorneys:
have unique experience in conducting the most complex criminal cases, including those which are "politically motivated", as well as cases at the preliminary investigation stage;
have experience in all federal districts in the territory of the Russian Federation, not to mention a wealth of international experience, including cases in Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Indonesia, UAE, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Ghana, South Africa, and others;
effectively manage cases of any complexity, including challenging projects that require the involvement of specialists in a variety of fields, including civil law, corporate construction, bankruptcy, taxes, auditing, forensic examination, and media and public relations;
are highly esteemed in the legal and professional community and are recognized year after year as leaders of the profession from the authors of the most authoritative domestic (Pravo300, Kommersant) and foreign (The Legal500, The Chambers, Best Lawyers) studies and surveys.
"The client-oriented team of Koblev & partners lawyers has a very strong base for defending clients in white-collar criminal cases and is also an excellent law firm for resolving complex corporate disputes".
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2016
"Strengths of the team are proactivity, reliability and knowledge of the law. Key team capabilities are ability to qualitatively resolve complex corporate conflicts, which include criminal cases and commercial (corporate) disputes".
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2020
"Notable criminal defence-focused team. Regularly defends individuals investigated for alleged involvement in financial crime, concerning fraud, tax evasion and embezzlement. Cases often relate to construction projects. Also defends individuals in corruption as well as corporate theft investigations and corporate conflicts. Offers notable experience in defending in alleged bribery cases. Clientele includes prominent business people, well-known private individuals and political figures".
Chambers Europe, 2021
"People from the team are distinguished by high professionalism, reliability, punctuality and decency. I would like to mention Ruslan Koblev, who wins in the courts due to his excellent knowledge of laws and charisma. Ruslan Zakalyuzhny is a master of judicial debate".
The Legal 500 EMEA, 2021
Chambers Europe, 2016
"One of the strongest defense teams for white-collar crimes in the Russian market".
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Defence of Suspects (accused)
The attorneys at Koblev & partners have extensive experience in defending accused persons at every stage in the criminal process from the arrest and initial investigation to the trial and post trial appeals process.

Our partners have participated in some of the most complex and most high-profile criminal cases in modern Russia. The geography of these projects spans the whole of Russia and includes all federal districts.

Our professional team is able to thoroughly study all the facts related to the charges against the client in a short time and develop the legally and strategically optimal line of defense, considering the specific circumstances.

In addition, we are ready to help devise a strategy for the actions of the client, his or her family, and members of the business team in order to overcome the crisis.
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